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How do you balance studying and social life (partying/ going out)? Do you set certain time limits or what? I love how you guys are super smart, down to earth and gorgeous!

Wow that’s so sweet of you, I feel very flattered! Yes what I usually do is reserve my time during the week for studying and then during the weekend I do fun stuff like go out, meet friends, etc. Also when I study I try to turn off my phone and social media so that I wont get distracted and can be as productive as possible :)

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Gigi Hadid after Marc Jacobs fashion show - September 11, 2014

more like this here x

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Paris Fashion Week

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kendall jenner during paris fashion week

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von wo ist der bikini auf deinem Facebook Titelbild steph? :) total schön!

victorias secret! :)

kendall jenner paris fashion week

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blumarine fashion show spring/summer 2015

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Hey, you two are really pretty! what do you do with your hair to make it look as perfect? Greetings from Sweden

I don’t use any special products. I just keep my hair healthy by not blow drying/straightening my hair too often :)

hey steph, could you tell me where is your striped shirt with the small red heart from? thank you xx

commes des garcon :)